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E-Division we change your drive


We change your drive
We change your drive one electric vehicle at a time

We change your drive

One electric vehicle at a time


E-Division offers various EV trainings and workshops to optimise EV skills in the field of commerce, communication and management, and to make your organization EV ready.By combining our EV training with the use of the EV or EV training APP, the desired mix can be achieved between the sales volume and the sales quality. The showroom and business customers are always properly informed and helped, so that the EV coordinator can focus on the implementation of the EV strategy within your organization.
Our EV apps ensure that all EV matters are secured, so you prevent ”new” acquired knowledge from being lost in the daily hectic of your company.By increasing the EV knowledge within your organization and better distributing it to all the departments involved, customers are always well advised, and that provides a greater sales opportunity and a positive customer satisfaction.

Purpose of the training

To create EV ambassadors within your organization.

We are your EV Division