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We change your drive
We change your drive one electric vehicle at a time

We change your drive

One electric vehicle at a time

EV Municipalities

Working with municipalities requires a large set of non-commercial skills. Social importance plays a major role in this. Because the EV App is independent and has no commercial interests, this application lends itself as an information tool for all stakeholders and residents of a municipality.

Realising CSR objectives is an often complicated and relatively slow process. In essence, sustainable development is about how our society or environment should look in the future and how it is now. By comparing those two, how we stand now and where we want to go, our customers get an idea what they need to do to achieve that ideal and what that the acual costs are .
There, as regards E-Division, various commercial opportunities are based on the so-called three-capital approach, PPP.  Ecological (Planet), the Socio-cultural (People) and the Economic (Profit).

Sustainable development means that we are striving for the growth of each of these capitals, but that the growth of one of the capitals should not be at the expense of the growth of one of the other capitals.

E-Division helps companies and government agencies with the operational EV translation of this capital because at E-Division we speak that language.

We are your EV Division