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E-Division we change your drive


We change your drive
We change your drive one electric vehicle at a time

We change your drive

One electric vehicle at a time

About us

Hands-on and no nonsense


E-Division is an EV consultancy agency with a focus on EV training and EV education within the automotive branch. It is a Dutch network organization of EV professionals and EV experts, supervised and coordinated by Marina van Helvoort. Every assignment requires the right mix of expertise. Thanks to the many years of experience and knowledge of the Dutch EV market, E-Division knows exactly who excels at what, and at what level, that is the power of E-Division.Marina van Helvoort is the proud co-owner of E-Division and board member of the VER ( a Dutch Association of Electric Drivers). She also takes a seat on the exam committee of the SVKM. She is a very experienced and driven EV professional who can motivate and, above all, inspire people. According to our clients her representative appearance causes a breath of fresh EV air through the operation like that inspires both organization and employees. It is a pleasure to work with an skilled EV professional like Marina, hands-on and no nonsense. Just the way we like it.
A woman with one mission;
Electric Driving for everyone ...... it’s that simple!
Together we move forward.
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