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E-Division we change your drive


We change your drive
We change your drive one electric vehicle at a time

We change your drive

One electric vehicle at a time

E-Learning and more

Over the years, EV expertise has become our trademark, and we are happy to share it with you.


EV E-Learning for beginners

Are you interested in electric driving or are you just driving electric yourself then this is the ideal course. All basic principles explained in clear language in a nutshell.

The EV Apps

The EV App is a free general info tool for all Consumers and it serves as a simple and clear navigation tool in the fast and complex world of Electric Transport. Very easy to have.The EV training App is linked to a Training or E-Learning program and ensures that your newly acquired knowledge is not lost in the hectic pace of the day. EV material that is important and preconditional for your Sales and Service department will stick so much better and simply remains within reach.


EV E-Learning for the advanced

For those who already possess basic EV knowledge either work with it or have successfully completed the E-Learning for beginners, but want to get deeper into the matter, this course is a perfect addition. Highly recommended for account managers, service advisers and sellers.


EV for rookies; for members of the VER (Association Electric Drivers)

EV Inspiration sessions; for automotive and their customers.
If you can no longer see the EV trees through the EV forest, an inspiration session offers great insights and possibilities for your company and your customers, even if you are not from the automotive sector.

Contact us and discover your options.

In this way we hope to create EV ambassadors and stimulate the EV transition