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E-Division we change your drive


We change your drive
We change your drive one electric vehicle at a time

We change your drive

One electric vehicle at a time

We are E-division

We are your EV-division

Electric transport is in rapid accelleration

With short distances and a densely populated Randstad, the Netherlands is a suitable place for the many applications of Electric Driving. At the moment there are about 200,000 Electric vehicles in the Netherlands and that number will only increase. In 2025, the Dutch government is gunning for 1 million Electric vehicles on Dutch roads. This ambitious objective has an aspirational effect on many pragmatic initiatives and offers many new opportunities for businesses and jobs.
Thus Electric transportation is an important impulse for domestic Economy and Employment.
E-Division supports visionary entrepreneurs. We see sustainability as an opportunity for you to innovate and tap into new markets, resulting in economic growth, environmental gains and a sustainable image.

Individual  you'll go faster, but Together we go further and beyond

Altering communicative skills can only work in a safe and trusted environment, we work from mutual trust and guarantee the privacy of your Company and its Participants.

Practice makes Perfect

New skills are becoming more inspiring and will increase competence. Knowledge is directly linked and blended into your daily operation.
Because no Company is equal, the program is created in consultation with the participants. Connecting to the current work situation of each individual participant and respecting your Organizational Culture is always a guiding principle for us.

Especially for Automotive and Professionals we have developed the EV Training App

EV coaching

Coaching will be tailored to the participants ' working practice by new or ongoing project, in order to achieve an optimal return. Each participating department starts with the EV knowledge test, to determine the current level of knowledge. The applications of the EV app's play a crucial role in making a solid... Read more...

E-Division offers various 

EV trainings and workshops to optimise EV skills in the field of commerce, communication and management, and to make EV ready. By combining our EV training with the use of the EV or EV training APP, the desired mix can be achieved between the... Read more...

EV Presentations

To excel in a fast and complex market like the EV market with its legislations, changing technologies, niches and other submarkets, the right information is crucial. CSR targets are under pressure and quickly become obsolete. To keep you and your customers well-groomed, E-Division is a different... Read more...